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Country : Pakistan, Date : 27-02-2018
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motor cyle purchased from shop on installments is prohibted in islam or otherwise

Answer : test
Country : Pakistan, Date : 25-02-2018
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Answer : test to
Country : India, Date : 23-02-2018
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Country : India, Date : 17-02-2018
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Assalamualaikum,bad salam araz hai ki me rozana 230km/day safar karta hoon.or rastey me mujh par Qasar namz hoti hai kiya mujeh rozana Qasar namaz hi padhni hai ya ki poori,Quran or Hadith ki roshni me mery rehnumai farmain Shukriya.

Answer : Bismillah ar Rahman Ar Raheem ..... Apne asli shahar se bahar nikalte hi agar aap 80 km se ziyada k Safar par ja rahe hain to Qasar Karna hoga aur Safar Ka hukm nafiz ho jayega.... Ye amal routine me hai to rozana apne shahar se nikalte hi Safar Ka hukm nafiz ho jayega.... Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi Call. 9910215431
Country : Saudi-Arabia, Date : 29-09-2017
Asked Question : assalaamwalekum maine ek hindu ladki se shaadi ki thi lwkin ab wo muslim hai usne islaam kabula lekin jab hamne shaadi ki thi wo pahle se hi shaadi shudha thi ky islaam aisa nikaah sahi hai bina divorce liye hi hamne shaadi karli i have married to a non muslim girl but now she is muslim she accept islaam but when i have marry her she already married with a nonmuslim boy and we have marry she accept islam without takin divorce with her first husband in this way my marriage is sunnah in islaam or not
Answer :
Country : India, Date : 24-10-2014
Asked Question : assalamuwalaikum mufti sahab. mai aur meri biwi ek dusre ko shaadi ke pehle se jaante the. shadi se pehle maine ek kafir ladke ko meri biwi k peeche lagaya taaki uski wafadari ki azmaish kar sakun. us ladke ki 2 ya 3 baar meri biwi se baat hui phone pe. phir kuch mahino tak unka koi contact nai raha. ek din meri biwi ne us kafir ladke ko sms kiya. uske baad phir se in dono mein 2 ya 3 baar phone pe baat hui. uske baad koi baat nai hui inki. mujhe ye baat bahot buri lagi thi. isi dauraan hamari shaadi hogayi lekin wo baat mujhe abhi bhi satati hai k akhir kya baat hui hogi un dono mein. ek din mai bahot zyada gusse mein agaya aur biwi se kaha k jis waqt teri us kafir ladke se baat hui thi us waqt agar tere dil mein uske liye thoda bhi naram ghosha raha hoga to hamara rishta khatam. biwi ne ALLAH ki kasam khake bola k uske dil mein us waqt us kafir ladke k liye thoda bhi naram ghosha nai tha aur na hai aur agar raha hoga to hamara rishta khatam. biwi ne ALLAH ki kasam khake kaha k usne us ladke ko phone mere dil mein nafrat paida karne k liye kiya tha taaki mai apni zindagi acche se guzar sakun. actually meri biwi k ghar wale shuru mein uski shadi mujhse nai karwana chahte the lekin baad mein raazi hogaye the. biwi k dil mein us waqt kya tha aur uski kasam sach hai ya jhoot ye ALLAH hi behtar janta hai. kya mujhe biwi ki kasam pe yakeen karna chahiye aur kya hamara nikah barkarar hai? maine usko tera mera rishta khatam ya tu mujhpe haram mein se kya bola tha yaad nahi araha hai kyunki kafi waqt hochuka hai is mamle ko waise maine rishta khatam hi bola tha shayad? iske baare mein mai bahot tehqeeqat karchuka hu
Answer :


aap ne jis shirt k sath Rishta khatam karne ki baat kahi hai ...wo biwi k baqaul nahi payi jarahi hai aur wife qasam bhi kharahi hai ....is liye ye Talaq nahi hogi....aap apni zindagi khushgawar tareeqe se aage badhayen....


Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi


Country : Canada, Date :
Asked Question : I have been working in a bank for the last 15 years, someone recently was discssing with me that working in banks is haram? is all my money harm? am i feeding my kids haram?? please help
Answer : Bismillah...... Allah Almighty says: "dont help on sin" and all transactions of Bank depend on interest, which is strictly Haram in Islam. your job work is directly help on interest so its cant be desirable. but in case of need you may do the service continuesly and try to find alternative job. your money is not haram and feeding of kids is pure and Halal. May Allah helps you.. Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi New Delhi,
Country : Trinidad-Tobago, Date : 07-20-2011
Asked Question : Is it permissible to partake in quran competitions that gives money for prizes?
Answer : Bismillah, yes, taking the Part in Quran reciting competition and giving the money is allowed in Islam. ..................... (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) +91 9910215431 ......................... ......................... An Appeal Our Ramadan Food Program targets the most vulnerable families who live in the remotest areas, with little access to food or water. We also distribute food packages to orphanages & orphan children and their families. Last year our volunteers distributed food aid packages through the feed the fasting program which helped many thousands of poor orphans and their families, the elderly and weak. From Bihar to Assam, Bengal, UP, and many other places throughout the month of Ramadan. All this became possible with your generous donations, help and support. Today we are appealing to you again to help us to deliver this food aid in the month of Ramadan to the neediest & poorest Muslim people around the world. This Ramadan Islamic Peace Foundation is making special arrangements to feed the underprivileged families. There are millions of desperate and poor families who will have nothing or very little to survive on. Our aim is to help as many thousands of poor families as possible around the India. We are making an urgent humanitarian appeal in the month of giving and mercy. The rewards of your good deeds are multiplied during Ramadan, so are the hopes of millions of poor people; hopes for peace, security and the preservation of livelihood and the digni
Country : India, Date : 04-16-2011
Asked Question : what do u think about dr zakir naik & molana tariq jammeel sahab & molana saad sahab
Answer : Bismillah, Maulana Tariq Jameel and Maulan Saad are two great Scholars and preachers in this time and Zakir Naik is also doing well on comparative study. ...................... (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) New Delhi, 9910215431
Country : India, Date : 02-14-2011
Asked Question : Asalam alykum sir, I am Amar from pune. Sir, I have some friends who told that prophet muhammad (pbuh) was created before the creation of universe & Allah told him that "if it had not been for you,O muhammad,I would not have created creation". My friend told me it is hadith qudsi. They also told me that prophet (pbuh) said"I was prophet while adam was between water & earth". Sir my question is 1)Is above passages true/authentic? 2)was really prophet(pbuh) pre existed before universe? 3)What should be our Aakida regarding prophet (pbuh)? 4)Is it is true that adam(as) after expulsion from paradise prayed to allah "o god forgive me in the name of muhammad. (by wasila of muhammad)".so allah forgive him & said how you know muhammad?, adam(as) said it is written on your throne "la ilah il allah Muhammadur rasulallah".
Answer : Bismillah, May Allah give the Barakah in your knowledge, According to your questions, all details you have mentioned are correct. And Allah Knows Best. (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) New Delhi India, Cell: 9910215431
Country : United-States, Date : 11-25-2010
Asked Question : my kidds want to have a puppy pet. It is an in house pet. The puppy has all the vaccines needed. Is it haram to do so.
Answer : Bismillah, .............. We as Muslims cannot own dogs as pets unless its for guarding you & the house and that too the dog must guard outside the house and not remain inside. and Allah Knows Best, ................. (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) New Delhi, Cell: +91 9910215431
Country : Burma, Date : 11-23-2010
Asked Question : I have had regular arguments with the Bidati firqa for addressing Nabi-e-Kareem Sallallahu Alaihiwasallam by saying "YA NABI" or "YA RASOOL". When I tell them that only Allah SWT is everywhere and only Allah SWT can be addressed by "YA" they argue that even Rasool-e-Akram Sallallahu Alaihiwasallam is "Haazir & Naazir" and even he can be addressed as "YA NABI" or "YA RASOOL". When I tell them that Rasool-e-Akram Sallallahu Alaihiwasallam is in Madina and not everywhere they say I am wrong. Please provide with Hawala of authentic books and ahadith from where I can convince them on the usage of "YA" for ALLAH SWT only.
Answer : Thank you for your query. We commend your effort to seek the truth in the religion. It is not lawful to address the holy Prophet Muhammad ( ) with words like "Ya Nabi" and "Ya Rasul" having the belief that he is hazir w nazir i.e. omnipresent and omniscient; because all the four Imams and Ulama of Ahl-e-Kalam (theologians) do agree that being hazir w nazir is only the special attribute of Allah. No doubt the holy Prophet Muhammad ( ) is alive in his holy grave, but he is not omnipresent and omniscient. The Quranic verses and many hadith are clear proof; some of them are as follows: (1) [ : 44] (2) . [ : 188] (3) . [ : 44] It is mentioned in hadith: ( 1/41). For more evidence see "Fatawa Rahimiyah" and "Mutalah Barelviyat" etc. and Allah knows Best. (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) New Delhi, India. Call: +91 9910215431
Country : Canada, Date : 11-23-2010
Asked Question : Before few day ago, I went to a Astrologer. He saw my both hand. He told something about my past life by seeing my line of hand and that was true. I became surprised. He also predicted about my future life. Now my question is that what is islamic view about Astrology. The Astrologer told me for wearing ring. According to his opinion, ring can solve my some problem. Can I wear ring from Astrologer?
Answer : Thank you for your query. We commend your effort to seek the truth in the religion. (1) Visiting an astrologer is haram, and confirming him is feared to cause kufr. (2) It is not lawful to wear the ring given by him. If someone predicts that the astrologer must die, can he remove the danger of his death by wearing the ring? How many astrologers have solved their problems of death? Had it been so, no astrologer of the world would ever die. Reform yourself by doing true tauba. and Allah knows Best. (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) New Delhi, India. Call: +91 9910215431
Country : Pakistan, Date : 10-26-2010
Asked Question : Few scholars claim that there is consensus(Ijma)on the Afzaliat of hazrat Abu Bakar siddiq razi ALLAH anhu,after him hazrat umar farooq razi ALLAH anhu,after him hazrat usman ghani razi ALLAH anhu and after him hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu is afzal. These scholars also claim that above has always been the unanimous aqeeda of all ahle sunnat wal jamaat and any one who doesnt accept the above aqeeda doesnt remain a SUNNI, but he/she becomes a SHIA. However its a well established fact that many leading companions of the Holy prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon him) considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as the most afzal among all the companions. Few of them were: hazrat abbas bin abdul muttalib,hazrat imam hassan ibne ali,hazrat Abdullah ibne masood,hazrat Abdullah ibne abbas,hazrat ammar yasir,hazrat miqdad aswad,hazrat abu zar ghaffari,hazrat salman farsi,hazrat jabir bin Abdullah,hazrat abi bin kaab,hazrat huzaifa yamani,hazrat buraida,hazrat abu ayub,hazrat sahal bin hanif,hazrat usman bin hanif,hazrat abul haisam khuzaima bin sabit,hazrat abul tufail aldusi amir bin wasla. All the blessed imams from the progeny of holy Prophet MUHAMMAD(PEACE BE UPON HIM) also considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as most afzal among all the companions. All the banu abbas and all the banu hashim considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as most afzal among all the companions. Few umayyads including hazrat khalid bin saeed bin al aas razi ALLAH anhu and hazrat khalifa umer bin abdul aziz razi ALLAH anhu also considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as most afzal among all the companions. Hazrat Imam syed Zaid shaheed ibne imam zain ul abideen ibne imam hussain ibne imam ali razi ALLAH anhu and imam syed Muhammad bin Abdullah(nafs e zakiyyah) and imam Ibrahim also considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as most afzal among all the companions. Many tabiin,taba tabiin also considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as most afzal among all the companions. Majority of the saints and aulia also considered hazrat ali razi ALLAH anhu as most afzal among all the companions. Astonishing thing is that a blessed companion of the holy prophet MUHAMMAD(Peace be upon him) hazrat saad bin abbada razi ALLAH anhu even didnt accept the KHILFAT of hazrat abu baker siddiq razi ALLAH anhu and never gave him bayt. Now in the light of these facts kindly explain whats the true aqeeda of ahle sunnat wal jamaat regarding tafzeel.
Answer : Bismillah, .............. it is true that majority of ahl al-sunna opinion is that sayyeduna Hazrat abu bakr al-siddeeq(R) is the most afzal after the Noble Prophet(S)and there are many reports of the opinion of our aslaaf about it. although it must be said that there were also a minority amongst sahaba and other aslaaf that considered Imam Ali(A) as afzal. in any case, the difference amongst them was between al-Murtaza(A) and al-Siddeeq(R) mainly. those amongst sunnis who consider the minority opinion as correct cannot be called shia because then you would have to consider sahaba in that category also. For general moslims it is most correct to hold that Sayyeduna Al-Siddeeq(R) was most superior after the Prophets(S) and for malangs it is also correct to consider Imam Ali as most superior. sometimes, people assume that by considering al-Murtaza as afzal, one is questioning the Khilafa of others before Him. how can a non-afzal be khalifa in place of afzal? well, there are many examples from the Qoran that in presence of Prophets others were sanctioned as rulers by them....and in Islamic history Hazarat Omer al-Faruq(R) left the choice of khalifa between SIX sahaba to become the next khalifa...now, it is definately agreed that hazrat al-Ghani and al-Murtaza were superior to other four sahaba so even in the opinion of hazrat Omer al-Faruq, it was the case that in presence of afzal, a non-afzal can become khalifa.. furthermore, let not this issue divide ahl al-sunna b
Country : India, Date : 10-25-2010
Answer : Bismillah, on 12th date of Islamic month Rabi ul awal that is birth date of Holy Prophet Muhammad Saw Eid Milad Un Nabi is celebrated. Some people celebrate it as a third eid and do different things such as making mountains, brightening many lights. but i will be discussing Eid Milad un Nabi in light of Quran and Sunnah.This day came in life of Prophet Muhammad Saw 63 times, during Nabuwat 23 times but did ever Prophet Muhammad saw celebrated it? it came twice in Khilafat of Abu Bakar r.a, 10 times in Khilafat of Umar r.a, 12 times in Khilafat of Usman r.a and 4 times in Khilafat of Ali r.a did any one of them ever celebrated this day? Even Holy Prophet Saw never told date of his birth and also there are different dates mentioned of birth of Rasool Allah Saw by different people. According to Abdul Qadir Jilani r.a Holy Prophet saw was born on 9th Rabi ul awal. lets see what Holy Prophet Saw said about his birthday and what he did on it. Rasool Allah saw said in a hadith i fast on Mondy because i was born on this day so if someone wants to show his happiness on birth of Holy Prophet saw he must Fast on Monday instead of creating new things in religion because Rasool Allah saw said whoever creates any new thing in our religion he is not from us and is mardood so this Hadith proves that creating any new thing in Islam is against Sunnah and if we really want to celebrate the happiness of birth of Rasool Allah saw we must Fast. May Allah Swt help us all in following the Sunn
Country : Pakistan, Date : 06-15-2010
Asked Question : kia apnay aap ko kafir kahna jaiz hai?
Answer : Bismillah: Nahi, apne aap ko kafir kahna jayez nahi hai, Muslaman hone par Allah ka shukr ada karna chahiye.. (Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi) New Delhi, India +91 9910215431
Country : India, Date : 04-05-2010
Asked Question : asslamualeikum mera sawal hai ki waseele ke kya maene hain jo ham dua me (s.a.w.) ke waseele se dua mangte hain or kya ye jayez hai ?
Answer : Answer: Directly Allah se Dua karni Chahiye, lekin afar koi paghamber Pbuh ke waseele se dua karta hai, to is me bhi koi harj nahi hai, Waseela ka matlab ye hai ke Allah ko un ke piyare Nabi ka wasta dena ke unke sadqe aur tufail men hamari dua qabool farma. zahir hai ke is me kuch galat nahi hai.... Allah Knows Best ............... Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi Delhi India...... Cell: +91 9910215431
Country : India, Date : 03-07-2010
Asked Question : is wathing dr zakir naik programes or way of spreading islam is write or wrong ?
Answer : Al Jawab wa Billah Al taufiq.... Dr. Zakir Naik is a Islamic Scholar and doing good work in spreading the Islam. there is no problem to watching his programs, but u must know that he has no faith on four Imams (Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafe, Hanbale) Allah Knows best ..................... Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi Delhi India.... Cell: 9910215431
Country : , Date :
Asked Question : Is it Fardh to grow a beard in Islam?
Answer : Al Jawab wa Billah Altaufiq: Yes, grow the beard in Islam is Wajib, and its duty of all muslim to grow the beard for Islamic Identification.. Allah Know Best, Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi New Delhi India
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