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Country : India, Date : 20-12-2015
Asked Question : Q-kya muslim mahila duawara apne isstaridhhan se kharidi gayi sampatti ka uske jivan kal me uske parivar ka koi vaykati malik h?
Answer :


agar property husband k naam hai to us k marne k baad wife k elawah bachhe bhi haqdar honge aur agar wife k naam hai to us ki zindagi me koi haqdar na hoga......


Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi

New Delhi

Cell: 9910215431

Country : Australia, Date : 15-12-2015
Asked Question : Allah gave me some properties. I sell them and distribute to my children. My son and daughter should get equal shares,when they are small. and when I die my son should get 2/3. Please tell me what should be the proportion, when my daughter is married and my son is single. Selamun aleykum
Answer :


in your life you have right to distribute your properties as you wis, but after death the all properties will be distributed as per islamic rule; for boy 2/3 and gir 1/3.

Mufti Eijaz Arshad Qasmi

Delhi, India 

cell: 9910215431

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