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Country : Oman, Date : 05-10-2018
Asked Question :

iam living in oman for last 17 years in 2004 my father called me and ask that i have your 3 lakh rupees can i use it to the construct upper portion of the our house i said yes. my father said if i have the money i will return it to you. so my money was used and upper floor of our house was made. my elder brother and his family also living in the same house. now 2018 my father did not return any money and saying that only his money was used to construct the house. in 2004 house was made with 25lak which is now around 80 to 90 lakhs. now my father and elder brother are making difficult for my family which is living with them in single room i have 4 kids. the ground floor is occupied by the elder brother with 2 kids and upper floor my father and one sister are sharing with my family. i contributed alot of money for my sister marriage and other house hold things. please advice how to approach this. the money which i contributed in making house will be lost or if I need it back how much i should get because the value of the house ave increased. 

Answer : in the name of Allah, if you r living in joint Family, so its not matter that your contribution is more then your elder brother in house construction. you father has right to use your money as he wish in family management. you have no right to ask more share in house. if you are facing any problem in living jointly due to kids, you can ask to family members for separation the house. Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi Delhi, Cell: 9910215431 Note: for fast services plz use the instant option and help the organisation.
Country : Pakistan, Date : 29-08-2018
Asked Question :

assalam o allaikum

janab surat ehwal is tara ha k hamara sath ik larka duty karta tha ju kay faut ho gya,company ki taraf se us ko 600000 wajbat milny hain.us ny 2 shdian ki then.pehly bv ko talaq day di thi us se us k 2 baitay hain jab kay dosri bv se koi aulad nae ha,marhom k walidain b hayyat hain.ap ye renumai farmaen k ye raqam kis tara se taqseem ho gi.

ap k jawab ka intizar rahey ga

Answer : Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem aap k sawal k mutabiq six Lakhs rupees me pahle mother aur father ko sixth hissa yani ek ek lakh rupe milenge, us k baad bv ko 8th hissa yani 75 thousands milenge, baqi raqam dono beton me barabar taqseem honge..... Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi Delhi, Call: +91 9910215431
Country : India, Date : 20-12-2015
Asked Question : Q-kya muslim mahila duawara apne isstaridhhan se kharidi gayi sampatti ka uske jivan kal me uske parivar ka koi vaykati malik h?
Answer :


agar property husband k naam hai to us k marne k baad wife k elawah bachhe bhi haqdar honge aur agar wife k naam hai to us ki zindagi me koi haqdar na hoga......


Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi

New Delhi

Cell: 9910215431

Country : Australia, Date : 15-12-2015
Asked Question : Allah gave me some properties. I sell them and distribute to my children. My son and daughter should get equal shares,when they are small. and when I die my son should get 2/3. Please tell me what should be the proportion, when my daughter is married and my son is single. Selamun aleykum
Answer :


in your life you have right to distribute your properties as you wis, but after death the all properties will be distributed as per islamic rule; for boy 2/3 and gir 1/3.

Mufti Eijaz Arshad Qasmi

Delhi, India 

cell: 9910215431

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