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Country : Australia, Date : 13-09-2018
Asked Question :

Assalamu aalikum,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am doing a research on organ donation and transplantation. Do you have any fatwas with the details about the organ donation and transplantation? If you have it, I will be so appreciated if you can email me. syucel@csu.edu.au

Many thanks,


Salih Yucel

Associate Professor, Centre for Islamic Studies and Civilisation

Charles Sturt University, Australia

Ph: 61 3 9305 2858

Website: www.csu.edu.au/cisac


Answer : Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem The Islamic Fiqh Council which convened in the fourth conference in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from 18-23 Safar 1408 AH/6-11 February 1988 CE, after studying fiqhi and medical research submitted to the Council concerning the issue of one person benefiting from the body parts of another, living or dead, has determined the following: In the light of the discussions that highlighted the fact that this issue is something that come about as the result of by scientific and medical advances, with clear positive results that in many cases are accompanied by psychological and social harm if it is practised without shar’i guidelines and controls that protect human dignity and also seek to achieve the aims of sharee’ah which tries to achieve all that is good and in the best interests of individuals and societies and promotes cooperation, compassion and selflessness, And after highlighting the main points of this topic whereby it may be discussed and categorized, the following was determined: With regard to definition: Firstly: What is meant here by ‘organ’ is any part of a person, be it tissues, cells, blood and so on, such as the cornea, whether it is still attached or has been separated. Secondly: The use or benefit that is under discussion is a benefit that is dictated by necessity in order to keep the beneficiary alive or to keep some essential or basic function of his body working, such as his sight and so on, p
Country : United-Arab-Emirates, Date : 12-09-2018
Asked Question :

 I may get an offer tomorrow for job in Abu Dubai Investment Council which is a sovereign wealth fund organization to manage country’s surplus amount through oil. The Company has shares in Islamic and conventional banks and also investing in Insurance, major player in Abu Dhabi Security Exchange, buying real state, Abu Dhabi Aviation Company, rental cars and investing in many more halal businesses

I will be offered the role of IT Network Administrator being outsourced by a third company and will be on the payroll of that company. So my salary will be from the third party company

I will not take care for the bank networks/stock exchange and other companies where the Council invests, rather i will be managing the network of the Council only and will take care for the Council User connecting and maintaining access to the Council data by those users.

So what will be the ruling on job for such a company where my job is pure technical and the company’s employees oversees its investments and taking decisions on that and not involved in direct interest related activities. Is this job halal?

Answer : Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem I have study your matter deeply and after discussion with other scholars I m here that your job is hundred percent pure and your engagement in IT sector with third party not banking system or directly banking party. May Allah give the Barkah!! Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi Delhi. Cell: +91 9910215431 Note: for fast services plz use the instant facilities.
Country : United-States, Date : 25-08-2018
Asked Question :

Asalam o Alicom Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Baraktu

I have several questions that i would like you to please answer. I
understand they may be a bit long, but I truly want to know their

1) Please explain to me the difference between major zina and minor
zina? Can you be specific whether it is limited to intercourse.

2) What sins are said to be removed from prayer to prayer throughout
the day? Is minor zina one of those or does it need a big tawbah?

3) Does touching a women in a bad way constitute as major or minor
zina? What I mean is that is it one of the AL Kabirah or will one be
forgiven with prayer.

3) Does getting a sexual massage on private parts from massage parlor
considered major or minor zina?

4) Does one have to tell spouse about bad past? If asked can one lie
in order to conceal bad past from wife? Can one tell past but not in
detail? Please clarify

5) I understand that there are major sins ( Al-Kabirah) in islam. When
we talk about adultery and fornication does mean that it is limited to
sexual intercourse only and all other minor zina such as touching etc.
are not major. I need clarification on this please.

6) The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said, ‘the five
prayers, Jumu’ah to Jumu’ah and Ramadan to Ramadan entail forgiveness
for what is between them as long as the enormities are avoided. Does
that mean that minor zina is removed in this way?

7) Is this hadith authentic?
Once a person came to the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him)
and presented himself saying, “I happened to see a woman on my way and
got everything from her except sexual intercourse.” The Prophet told
him that he had been forgiven because of his prayer with him (with
sincere feeling of repentance and remorse).

I greatly appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I am
in desperate need of finding answers to these questions. Thank You  

Answer : Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem 1- Intercourse is major Zina and touching thee special parts of women and massaging or kissing is minor zina. 2- Minor Zina has been removed by Saum or Salaat, but for major Zina the big Touba is compulsory. 3- sexual massage on private part is minor Zina. 4- Explaining the bad Past near family members is not compulsory and not necessary. 5- you have understood perfectly. 6- Yes 7- Yes Mufti Ejaz Arshad Qasmi Delhi. 9910215431
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