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Key Observations on Central Madarsa Board
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1. The sincerity of HRD ministry and UPA government must not be doubted on the proposal of a Central Madrasa Board (CMB). The proposal is wise and sounds beneficial for Muslims children but it has genuine oppositions form people directly or indirectly volunteering madrasa education system for last 150 years in India.

2. It is notable that all leading non-governmental madrasas like – Darul Uloom Deoband and Nadwatul Ulama Lucknow, religious organizations like – Jamait Ulama-I Hind and All India Ulama Council and a majority of Muslim religious leaders have already rejected the proposed CMB before this fresh move. And without positive consideration of their views a CMB or any government aided programme for madrasas cannot reach to the real beneficiaries.

3. It is up to us – the law and policy makers of this nation to choose our priority wisely. Should we go first for a quality-check of 1.5% children of madrassas who are by all means under a system of education and will fulfill the criteria of being lettered or to rush to manage even minimum standard of schooling for 7.67 % Muslim children who are still out of school and will remain unlettered without proper government aided planning and its implementation? I think to attend the later is wiser and more urgent.

4. The HRD ministry should pay urgent attention towards the out of school Muslim children before everything else.

5. HRD ministry should first resolve to make the proposed CMB for government aided madrasas for a targeted time period, bring them under one umbrella as in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and facilitate equally standard education for madrasas in all states to set an example against government aided madrasas’ negative reputation. It will surely encourage students and their parents to enroll in government aided madrasas if not non-aided madrasa management, to say the least.

6. Government should effectively plan for 98.5% Muslim children and rest will be automatically updated to match with the community demands.

7. The government should avoid direct involvement in the functioning of independence madrasas by all means until a successful and transparent experiment has been done with aided madrasa board. On the other hand an NGO – Government partnership project aiming at the targets set by the proposed CMB can be initiated without further delay.

8. There are thousands of primary and pre-primary schools run by Muslims NGOs or local bodies of masjids across the country and most of them are following syllabus proscribed by the state governments in addition to maktab (elementary Islamic) education. These schools be adopted first by the state government under the SSA or by the central government under the UEE and then manage standard primary education through government aid.

From: Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Qasmi (MP) Issued By: Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi

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