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Another Twist to Deoband-Jamiat Spat
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Maulana Syed Arshad Madni, president of a fraction of Jamiat Ulama-e Hind and a contender for the post of Muhtamim-ship (VC) of Darul Uloom Deoband against Maul. Ghulam Muhammad Wastanwi has recently given another serious twist to the whole Deoband-Jamiat controversy. Maul. Madni has dissolved his state Jamiat body in Assam where Maul. Badruddin Ajmal has been president for years and appointed diehard Congress men as members of an ad-hoc committee headed by tow time Congress MLA Maul. Abdul Jalil Raghibi. Interestingly Maul. Raghibi used to be an MLA in Jamunamokh constituency from where Maul. Ajmal won his first election with record margin and later his brother Sirajuddin Ajmal retained the seat for All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF). Maul. Abdul Jalil Raghibi is among those who formed United Minority Front (UMF) in 1985 and won assembly election in 1986 but later he along with other 11 UMF MLAs merged to Congress before 1991 assembly election. In 1986 assembly election UMF won 17 seats in its maiden attempt and forced Indian National Congress a heavy blow. The national party was reduced to the opposition chairs in the state assembly for the first time in the post-independence India and Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) came to power. But in the 1991 assembly election Raghibi and Ghulam Usmani fraction of UMF merged to Congress, following a Congress-Jamiat ‘understanding’ in Delhi which left a weak portion headed by Hafiz Rashid Ahmad Chaudhury (present AIUDF working president) alone in the UMF. As a result the Congress came in to power once again with absolute majority and UMF got Zero. The recent abrupt decision of Maul. Arshad Madni against Assam state Jamiat Ulama president Maul. Badruddin Ajmal, who is also All India United Democratic Front (AIUDF) president and Lok Sabha MP, is seen as reactionary measure following two major incidences. Maul. Arshad Madni remained in complete proximity with Indian National Congress both in the State as well as in the Centre ever since AIUDF has given a tough fight against Congress in the last Lok Sabha election in 2009. AIUDF won one and caused defeat in at least four Lok Sabha seats to Congress. AIUDF’s prospects in the up coming assembly election in Assam, scheduled to be in March-April this year, is even much brighter if the present trends remain intact with the nascent party till polling day. Very recently – in the past 20 days – Maul. Arshad Madni, Maul. Raghibi and a few others had several meetings with Congress top brass including Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi and Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh in Delhi and Guwahati. The Congress wants either merger of AIUDF as it did with United Minority Front (UMF) in nineties or at least a pre-poll alliance with AIUDF. Jamiat Ulama-e Hind has been in the forefront in formation of both UMF and AIUDF, thus bargaining with Jamiat can be considered as common politicking of the Congress. But what is uncommon is that Maul. Arshad Jamiat openly came inline with the Congress once again and decided to favour ‘forefather’s party’ in Assam and asked AIUDF president to follow the suit which was unanimously rejected by the AIUDF members. This rejection of the Congress dictate, to me, has invited ‘punishment’ for Maul. Badruddin Ajmal. The second reason for Maul. Ajmal to get him self in troubled water is the recent appointment of Maul. Ghulam Muhammad Wastanwi as Mohtamim (VC) of Darul Uloom Deoband. It was a Shoora (Executive body) decision in 2008 following the ugly spat in Jamiat Ulama-e Hind between Maul. Arshad and Maul. Mahmood Madni groups that any faculty member having a post in either Jamiat would be ineligible for an official post in Darul Uloom. During Shoora meeting in 9 February 2011, Maul. Badruddin Ajmal along with 8 other members decided to stay with the previous resolution and voted Maul. Ghulam Muhammad Wastanwi as new VC of Darul Uloom against Maul. Arshad Madni’s candidature. The vote of those 8 members, some of them talked to me, was merely to keep Darul Uloom’s campus free from Jamiat’s internal differences. Since both the fractions were desirous to see their favourite candidates as the Mohtamim of Darul Uloom. Choosing any of the disputed candidates meant inviting in campus differences. Maulana Ajmal’s decision to vote Maul. Wastanwi has annoyed Maul. Arshad Madni as much as that he reportedly started speaking against Maul. Badruddin Ajmal in public. Later Maul. Wastanwi’s alleged ‘Modi-loved’ statement in media provided enough space for the Arshad Madni camp to go for an open confrontation. The game is still on and the Heaven alone knows what next. SMS and signatures campaigns in and around Deoband is aggressively continued to affect scheduled 23rd February Shoora meeting. A major chunk of students in Darul Uloom Deoband are already affected by the Wastanwi — Arshad Madni tussles. Last month some of them have gone for a strike demanding Maul. Wastanwi’s immediate resignation as VC of Darul Uloom. If the situation is not wisely controlled by the community leaders— which appears to be slipping from Shoora members grip, I am afraid, it may harm Darul Uloom’s educational tempo where the half yearly exam is due next month. ...................... By M. Burhanuddin Qasmi
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