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Internet has created a revolution in every walk of life. Fast exchange of information with this medium has made entire world a global village. It is only available tool in todayís world, which can effectively spread a particular belief or thought system. Itís a fact that that this medium is helping spread of education, propagation of religion etc. But at the same time it has been grossly misused to spread rumor against Islam. There are countless websites that are replete with wrong information about Islam and that offend religious sentiment of Muslims. Conspiracy has been hatched to insert interpolation in the holy Quran. Recently Furqanul Haq was published with the same intention. Qadyanis have registered many websites in the name of Islam to spread misinformation against Islam. This is a sort of an open challenge to the Muslims. Likewise there are many such websites with same malicious contents. This is a challenging situation for the Islamic scholars and Islamic institutions. Muslim organizations of India have been oblivious to the use of this modern means of communication. But need of the hour is to use this modern means of technology to remove misunderstanding about Islam that western countries have unleashed against it.

With the blessing of Allah almighty Islamic Peace Foundation of India has started fatwa online (fatwaonline.in) to serve this cause. Everyday it receives queries about Islam from every part of the world and expert muftis reply them in English language. We have also started chat room to remove misunderstanding about Islam. By the grace of Allah, our efforts have been bearing fruits. We introduce true Islam to the seekers of truth, and then we invite them to join fold of Islam.

ALHAMDULILLAH, Since its inception, Islamic Peace Foundation of India is progressing day by day. Within a short span of time, it has made its presence felt in the social, educational and political horizon of India. It is marching ahead with the blessing and well wishes of prominent Islamic scholars and thinkers. It is a duty of the members of Muslim community to encourage these ulema who have taken up modern challenges to Islam and working hard to check growing tide of misinformation against it. Jazakallahu Khaira.

Mufti Aijaz Arshad Qasmi
General Secretary
Islamic Peace Foundation of India (New Delhi)
Cell: +91 9910215431

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